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Our variety of classes, on-demand workouts & stretch videos are made to enhance your life, build strength and boost your confidence at all fitness levels.

Dance Fitness

Cardio dance party workouts plus sculpting sessions in Barre classes set to great music.

Sculpting & Light Weights

Beat driven classes using your body weight & light weights to tone and build lean muscle, while having fun!

Yoga & Flexibility

Mind-body self care classes like Yoga and stretch & flexibility to bring your whole body peace.

Let's MOVE!

Hi, I'm Nicole Johnson, owner of Move Fitness & Dance. I'm a mom, wife & crazy entrepreneur that's obsessed with helping women find their best selves through movement and self care! You deserve to FEEL AMAZING and my Move team and I are here to help you get there!

Not sure how you'd like to MOVE yet?  

Choose which option best fits your wellness goals.

In-Person Group Classes

Located in San Diego, CA we offer various classes that include Zumba, Sculpt, Barre & more. Classes run in 6-8 week sessions at various locations. Click to get the latest on the sessions running right now. No pretentious gyms, just real people getting healthy & strong together!

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30 Day Challenge Groups

30 minutes of movement, for 30 days, plus 30 moments for you. Our quarterly 30 day challenge groups are personally coached by Nicole Johnson, with daily plans, all available on demand to fit into your schedule. No need to think too hard, Nicole keeps you motivated & moving!

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On-Demand Video Vaults

Vaults are our treasure chests of workouts and stretch videos to access on your time, at your convenience! Our Move Fitness vaults include tons of 15-55 minute effective workouts including Zumba, Barre, Sculpt, Toning and Piyo. 

Our Stretch & Flexibility vault is the perfect gem to increase range of motion, balance, flexibility and recovery between workouts.

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What can you expect from 

Move classes?

Move Fitness prides itself on being a community, not a "gym." Our virtual community is so tangible it's inspiring! Not only will you get classes and workouts but you'll get to be a part of a community of ladies that get it!

Form & Technique

Safety and form are extremely important in all teachings at Move. We pride ourselves on quality instruction, education and personal attention, even online. We will always offer modifications and variations to accommodate various levels & keep you Moving safely! All of our on-demand programs have form instructionals and how-to's so you'll be successful from day 1!

Positivity, Inclusiveness and lots of Motivation! 

Nicole and the Move team are motivators at heart. They not only want you to have a ton of fun in classes but help encourage you to be your best and excited to continue your health journey. We are a "no divas" type community of supportive ladies who kick-booty and lift each other up!

Variety of Movement

We've always been proud of the fact that we provide a variety of movement types. We want our community to stay engaged, challenged and inspired through new ways to move and step out of the box. As Nicole says to those seeking a new challenge, "it doesn't get easier, you get stronger!" 

Meet our community of amazing ladies...

Anna S.

"Move is an amazing place to workout and feel welcomed. Now that we are all at home, MOVE offers awesome online classes. They keep you motivated and feeling good."

Melissa S.

I really, really enjoyed the 30 day challenge. It gave me something to grab onto in a world of changing schedules and uncertainty, especially surrounding working out. Having the on demand videos was so convenient and helpful. As a triathlete, the core strengthening workouts are really helping with my run, bike and swim workouts. In the past, I haven't done enough of these and occasionally walked the line of injury. 
As a mom of a toddler and infant, I really needed this too. There is a lot less time to get out the house now, and I imagine myself using these video vaults for years to come.

Jodi R.

"I never thought I would be taking an exercise class online.  Well, guess what?  I am doing just that, and I am doing just fine.  It is fun and I look forward to the physical movement each week.  On my own I would be lazy.  These classes ensure that my muscles are used on a regular basis.  I am grateful that Nicole and the other instructors are there for all of us.  I am energized and feel as if I am accomplishing more than I ever believed possible."

Monica G.

"I didn't join Healthy Living last year because I 'knew' what clean eating was and was capable of losing weight on my own. Well, I didn't. I decided to ask for help and joined the Healthy Living program this year. I'm so happy I did! The one on one coaching and community was an important part of my success. I lost 1" of body fat in all my problem areas. I no longer feel frustrated by working out for many hours yet still struggling with hormonal weight gain. I realized I don't need to exhaust myself with endless workouts to see results! I found the overall balance that fits my life. I feel amazing now, no longer sleepy at 2pm, and even on bad days I skip turning to food to feed my feelings and spend time with friends & family to fill my soul instead!”

Sarah H.

"I would recommend the 30 Day Challenge and I do to anyone that will listen. Finding this studio was the best thing that came out of 2020! The support from not only Nicole but the other instructors and members is I think the boost everyone needs and why people love the Move studio so much."

Tanya G.

"The 30-30-30 Challenge is such a great program! What a fantastic way to get the support I need to feel my best. I will be recommending this challenge to not one but a few friends!"

Have fun and feel your best with us! 

You deserve to feel amazing from the inside out and be your best YOU! Making your wellness a priority and a daily habit will benefit all areas and people in your life. 

Start Moving Today!

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