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My Favorite Fitness Goodies 2020 - Part 2 (Best At-Home Workout Equipment)

barreworkout fitnessathome homeworkouts homeworkoutstudio Dec 11, 2020

Woowee! I didn't realize how many goodies I love until I created this video and started sharing! :) Click to watch on youtube & subscribe HERE.

Listen up and check out My Favorite At-Home Workout Goodies and Equipment, Pt. 2. I cover items that make taking virtual classes more functional and fun, from Barre, Zumba, Yoga, Piyo, strength, to stretch & flexibility.

Let me know which ones you love and what goodies motivate you to workout and get it done!

Products featured in My Favorite Fitness Goodies Pt.2:

Booty Kicker (Save $20 AND get a FREE BALL w/this link!) HERE

Arena Strength Booty Bands HERE

Fabletics (2 leggings for $24 when you join as a new VIP) HERE

Vooray (Bags, duffles & backpacks perfect for active fun!) 20% Off using code: MOVEFITNESS

Bender Ball & Gliders HERE

Pilates Ball A-la-carte HERE

Yoga Strap (w/blocks) HERE

Yoga Blocks (blocks only) HERE

Neoprene weights (Buy at local retail store when possible, for quality)

Foam Roller (firm) HERE

Tripod (for phone) HERE

Bluetooth Speaker (huge sound for a tiny speaker on this one!) HERE

*Some items are affiliate links for Move Fitness, used for purchases at no extra cost to you and some giving you the best discounts too, Move may receive a small compensation from sales made via those links.

Happy Moving!

Nicole :)



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